Ever since i was little, i have been interested in the camera. As a painter, an artist, and a dreamer, i am drawn to what it can create. I like to take simple, ordinary things and make them beautiful and magical. I love how with a camera, you can freeze a moment in time forever.

The moment a mother see's her baby for the first time..

The joy of expecting parents

The love between a family..

The pure innocence and the imagination of chidren..

 When we look at photos, we don't just see a picture. We FEEL the raw emotions we felt when that moment happened. That is magical and beautiful in itself. 


A little about me before we meet...

My name is Emily Smith

(No its not Beth Warren ;)) Beth is actually my middle name, and warren is my sons middle name.

I have a beautiful little boy, Jonah Warren 

and I'm happily married.

Im a lover of photography (of course!), art, animals, nature, and children!


I enjoy walks with my two boxers, Kinsey and Bella

And cuddling up at the end of the day with my kitties Blackjack and Rue.

I love to travel and go on road trips! 

I am a horse lover, and id own tons of land and 20 horses if i could!

& i dream to live near the ocean someday.


I am passionate about moms and their babies, about love and about life.